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The SMART Centres regularly publish papers and presentations, which can be accessed from the page below. Additional resources can be found on the website of the CCAP SMART Centre in Malawi.

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Webinar: SMART WaSH Solutions in times of Corona Henk Holtslag, Reinier Veldman


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Presentation 3, May 6th, 2020

The Utility Approach, Ethiopia – safe water with a utility led distribution of household water filters. Henk Holtslag Presentation  Oklahoma University WaTER conference, 2019
Scaling Self-supply with the SMART Approach – a promising development in Zambia Henk Holtslag Presentation Oklahoma University WaTER conference, 2019
Training Entrepreneurs in Malawi in SMART Sanitation and Water Technologies Reinier Veldman Presentation Stockholm WWW, 2019
The Effect of Tube Recharge on Local Groundwater Tables and Well Water Levels Mekdelawit Messay Deribe, reviewed by Henk Holtslag and Jasmina Van Driel. Paper MetaMeta & SMART Centre Group, 2018
SHIPO and Mzuzu drilling, 2 new low cost options for manual drilling of tube wells Henk Holtslag Paper RWSN, 2016
The SMART Centre approach; training the private sector and scaling-up Self-supply through a sustainable business model. Morten van Donk, Annemarieke Maltha Paper | Presentation RWSN, 2016
Accelerating Self-supply with the SMART Centre approach. Annemarieke Maltha, Morten van Donk Presentation RWSN, 2016
Six ideas to reach SDG6 for rural water supply. Henk Holtslag Poster | Paper RWSN, 2016
Six ideas to reach SDG6 for rural water supply (updated) Henk Holtslag Poster SMART Centre Group, 2019
Photos of 12 SMARTechs. Henk Holtslag Poster  
130,000 Rope pumps world wide”, many lessons learned. Rik Haanen

Poster | Paper

RWSN, 2016
Household Water Filters for Emergencies. Reinier Veldman

Poster | Paper

RWSN, 2016
Creating sustained usage of household water treatment a case study from Kagera, Tanzania. M. Besteman (Basic Water Needs), L. Osterwalder (South Pole Group) and A. Kiniga (KADERES)

Presentation | Paper

WEDC, 2017
Health, food security and equity, socio-economic factors in Self-supply investment. Dr. Sally Sutton


WEDC, 2017
Making Universal Access to Water Affordable in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Dr. Sally Sutton, Dr. Peter Harvey


WEDC, 2017

technologies for rural water supply. A comparative study between “Rope pumps” and conventional piston pumps on water quality and other sustainability parameters

Beatrice Coloru, Salmon Mgaya, Rebecca Pozzi Taubert


ACRA, 2012
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