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IRC WASH, together with Water for People and Water for Good hosted the All Systems Connect 2023 symposium in The Hague.

The MetaMeta / SMART Centre Group, together with Tiyeni and IWMI contributed through a session titled: ‘Scaling self-supply in Africa’. This session evaluated lessons learnt, among others from an IRC evaluation, about supported self-supply as an successful scaling approach to reach SDG6.1 in rural Africa at a cost that is 2-6 times lower than conventional WASH delivery models and simultaneously contributes to SDGs for poverty, food security, gender and climate.

There was a good turn-out and an interactive discussion, following the presentations by Barbara van Koppen (IWMI), Colin Andrews (Tiyeni) and Henk Holtslag (MetaMeta / SMART Centre Group). Lemessa Mekonte of IRC moderated the session together with Aline Saraiva of RWSN.

The presentations of the session and posters presented can be accessed through the Resource Page and after the ‘read more’.

Session: Scaling Self-supplyBarbara van Koppen

Colin Andrews

Henk Holtslag

Lemessa Mekonta & Aline Saraiva (moderation)
1. Clip: Introduction Self supply

2. Presentation – Connecting the agricultural and WASH sectors
in self supply and community-based water tenure

3. Presentation – Deep Bed Farming; How Smallholder Farmers become
the Key Water Managers

4. Presentation – Supporting self-supply;
A promising approach to reach SDG6.1 in rural Africa at $25/person

5. Clip with Farmers Experience from Zambia

Background Paper
2 with 8:
Safe water for 2 billion people with $8 billion, via HWTS
Henk Holtslag and Reinier VeldmanPoster
FINISH & SMART Approach:
Market-based solutions for SDG6 & Poverty, Food, Gender and Climate
Valentin Post, Henk Holtslag and Reinier VeldmanPoster
Reinier VeldmanIRC All Systems Connect