• Manual drilling of a new borehole using the SHIPO jetting technology
    Manual drilling of a new borehole using the SHIPO jetting technology

Training the local private sector in
Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies

The SMART Centre Group

Currently there are 4 running SMART Centres (Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia) and 1 SMART Centre in establishment (Ethiopia). Within the SMART Centre group, the Centres exchange knowledge and experiences and create leverage. They are coordinated by MetaMeta and supported by NGOs including Aqua for All and the SKAT Foundation.

To become a member of the SMART Centre Group, conditions apply;

Quality in technologies
Most SMARTechs are simple but a hard lesson learned is; “Simple is not easy”. Details are important. Products disseminated via a SMART Centre need to be technically sound and approved by the SMART Centre Group.

Quality in training and management
Manuals for and trainers in production, installation etc. should be of good quality. Good management is essential and a SMART Centre should generate income and become self sustaining.

A SMART Centre cooperates with a local partner in each country, agrees with the vision and mission of the SMART Centre Group and cooperates with the other members.


Jacana Business Centre

The Jacana SMART Centre in Chipata is developing and expanding. Jacana has now developed plans to build its own 'Jacana Business Centre' with the aim of creating opportunities for small scale entrepreneurs, so that they can grow economically and create better living conditions for themselves and their communities.

Jacana is currently fundraising and you are invited to participate in this exiting development. The raised funds will be doubled by Wilde Ganzen.

More information can be found on the website of Jacana, https://jacana.help/donate/

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Moses from Chipata invents a Super Slim Solar pump

Moses Banda, who is trained as a driller by the Jacana SMART Centre in Chipata, Zambia, has invented a 'Super Slim Solar pump' on the basis of a fuel pump. All parts are ​worldwide ​available in ​common hardware shops ​and shops that ​sell car ​parts. Cost about ​$100 including ​solar panel.

The pump is ​ideal for very ​narrow tube ​wells, starting ​at 2″ (50mm) ​casing and ​bigger. ​Suitable for ​wells that ​produce very ​little water ​because it ​pumps slowly ​but steady. ​After 5½ ​hours an ​overhead tank ​of 1000 liter ​is full. ​

Moses Banda is trained and guided by Jacana SMART Centre Zambia.

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