Wire-brick cement tank

Wire-brick cement tank of 2000 litres.

Training in the production of a Wire-brick cement tank at the SMART Centre Mzuzu 












These tanks are made with wire, bricks and cement. No steel reinforcement is used.

Advantages compared to ferro cement tanks

  • – 20-40% cheaper
  • – Simpler in construction
  • – Produced with local materials
  • – Same strength

Disadvantages compared to ferro cement tanks

  • – Not yet widely known


  • Wire-brick cement tanks can have volumes of 0.5 to 50 cubic meters
  • Materials needed are 1 kg of 2 mm wire, bricks and 1 bag cement per cubic metre.
  • Cost: 40- 60 US$ (tank 2000 litres)
  • Producers: Info at all SMART Centres
simonWire-brick cement tank