Water Treatment

Chlorine, Boiling

PUR is used for turbid water It is a flocculant disinfectant
Klorin/ Waterguard/Wa-ufa is a liquid just for disinfection

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With Self-supply water sources it is strongly advised to use some kind of Household Water Treatment.

Advantages compared to not using treatment

  • – Hard to predict if water from a Self-supply source is safe to drink.
  • – With treatment of a good WHO recommended treatment product water is safe to drink.
  • – By treating no need to test the water quality
  • – By treating the water Self-supply will be more acceptable, easier to support by Governments and NGOs

Disadvantages compared to not using a treatment

  • – Although cheap, treatment cost money
  • – Options like PUR, WaterGuard, Wa Ufa require discipline of treating every day. If there is no consistent use, a treatment does not have health effects.


This is the simplest and most safe way of treatment but has its disadvantages like cost of fuel and  indoor pollution


A low cost option is filtering through a double cloth which can reduce bacteria with 90%.


  • Chlorine eliminates Bacteria and viruses but does not kill Cryptosporidium
  • Cryptosporidium is a major cause for Child mortality ( SIE 2011)
  • Cost; PUR ca 1 US$/ 20 litres. on yearly base this is 10-20 US$ / family
  • Cost; Water guard, Wa-ufa; ca 3 US$ for 600 Litres, Yearly 01.5- 3 US/ family
  • Producers:  Local stores, pharmacies
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