Water-lifting devices: Rope

Water taken out of a hand dug well with a rope and rubber bucket


The well covered with a sheet
















The most simple way of lifting water from a well is a rope and a bucket or other container like a tyre.

Advantages compared to a pump

  • – Much cheaper
  • – Simple to use
  • – Easy maintenance, Bucket and Rope need frequent   replacement
  • – Can adjust with water level changes

Disadvantages compared to a pump

  • – To use a bucket the well has to be open so dirt, or even children can fall    into the well.
  • –  A bucket and rope can contaminate the water in the well, because of dirty   hands, mud on the bucket etc.
  • – The movement of a bucket may cause turbidity in the well water
  • –  Speed of extracting water in general is less than with a pump
  • –  More heavy work, (women Children)


  • Rope and bucket can be used in any well depth
  • Cost depends on type of rope , well depth and type of bucket
  • Cost indication for a 10 m deep well: 10 –  30 US$
simonWater-lifting devices: Rope