Water Filtering

Household Water filters

Asian Table top filter including a mineral pot
Photo left, Tulip Siphon filter

A Table top filter, Safi partly produced in Malawi


















Another option for treatment are water filters. In the last years new lower cost filters entered the market in Malawi

Advantages compared to Chlorine

  • – Good quality filters do eliminate Cryptosporidium.
  • – Filters do not give a taste or smell like chlorine so people like it better
  • – In general the consistence of use of filters is much higher than Chlorine. Once people are used to take water from a filter they will do that daily.

Disadvantages compared to Chlorine

  • – High upfront cost
  • – Not yet available everywhere, since it is still new, the supply chain needs to develop more
  • – The Siphon model is more complicated than the Table top model so needs more training in maintenance


  • Filters remove germs in a mechanical way, no chemicals or additives are used
  • Filters like Safi model and Tulip siphon filters comply with the WHO standards for Bacteria and Protozoa (removal 99.995%)
  • Filter elements last for 1 to 1.5 years , after that they need replacement
  • Table top filters like the Asian model have a filer capacity of 25 -30 litres. The Safi filter is 50 Litres per day. The siphon model is 100 litres per day
  • Cost; Safi filter ca 18 US$. Filter elements ca 7 US$
  • Cost; Asian Filters 40 – 100 US$
  • Producers. Info at all SMART Centres
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