Treadle Pumps

Treadle pump pressure model
There are also suction only models

Treadle pump suction Model


















A Treadle pump is a pump with two cylinders and powered by pedals

Advantages compared to Rope Pumps

  • – 30 to 40% more pump volume with the same lifting height (legs have more power than an arm)
  • – Easier to install and repair
  • – The pressure model  can lift water to an elevated tank or can be used for  sprinkler irrigation.

Disadvantages compared to Rope Pumps

  • – Is a suction pump so can only lift water from maximum 7 meters deep
  • – Some people prefer a turning movement for pumping to an a up and down movement
  • – Pedalling with legs is not fit for women in some cultures.
  • – More complicated to produce


  • Treadle pumps can pump from rivers, lakes or wells of 0 to 7 meters deep
  • Pump capacity; 0 – 10m lift 50 l/min, 10 – 20m lift 30 l/min
  • Cost : 120 – 140 US$ including suction hose
  • Producers: Sold in farm stores in Tanzania, Malawi .
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