Solar and Wind Pumps

A solar pump combined with a Rope pump. In development at the SMART Centre

A Wind Rope pump. A Wind mill combined with a Rope pump. This is one of the most cost effective and simple water pumping wind mills.


















Pumps can be powered by renewable energy like wind and sun.

Advantages compared to engine pumps

  • – No cost for Fuel
  • – If combined with a Rope pump or if it is a submersible pump model, it can pump from wells deeper  than 7 meters.

Disadvantages compared to engine pumps

  • – Investment cost is higher
  • – No pumping when there is no wind or no sun
  • – A wind pumps needs a storage tank of at least 3 days of use
  • – Wind pump is a new technology and skills for production and installation need to be further developed
  • – More complicated in use

Submersible Solar Pumps

The SMART centre is testing also a Singflo submersible solar pump. This can pump up to 60 meters high


  • Solar pumps exist in many sizes. This catalogue focus on models below 1000US$
  • The Solar and wind Rope pump now tested at the SMART Centre, pump from 20 meters
  • Pump capacity of both models is 2 to 5 cubic meters per day
  • Cost indication: Still in development.
  • Producers. Info at SMART Centre  Tanzania and Malawi
simonSolar and Wind Pumps