Drip Systems

Drip Irrigation, Rope Pump

Rope pump directly connected to a drip irrigation system of 100 – 200 square meters

Drip irrigation with a Pedal Rope pump

















Low pressure drip systems like the KB drip can be coupled directly to a Treadle pump or Rope pump.

Advantages compared to a bucket or hose

  • – Less work to irrigate a certain area
  • – Can irrigate  200 Tomato plants In 10 minutes
  • – More  efficient water use, Less water per plant

Disadvantages compared to a bucket or hose

  • – More  expensive
  • – More complicated to manage
  • – Installation requires skilled people

Treadle pumps and Sprinkler irrigation

With the high pressure of a Treadle pump a sprinkler system can be connected


  • Drip irrigation can irrigate surfaces of 10 to 10.000 square meters
  • Maximum area to be connected to a Treadle pump or Rope pump 1000 square meters
  • Cost depend on surface and system used
  • Cost indication: 15– 25 US$ / 100 sq meters (For KB drip directly connected to a Rope pump)
  • Producers:  Info. At SMART Centres Tanzania and Malawi
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