Electric and Engine Pumps

Engine pump pumping from a river and filling up a Wire- Brick cement tank.

Engine pump 2 inch outlet used for irrigation.

A “walk in” well.
When water levels are deeper than 5 to 7 meters the pump can be lowered. In this case the pump is installed in a dug canal of 4 meters deep.















There is a wide range of electric or engine pumps. Engine pumps are Mostly used for irrigation; electric pumps more for domestic use.

Advantages compared to hand pumps

  • – Much more pump volume
  • – Can pump up to elevated water tanks
  • – Has a high pressure and can be used for sprinklers and elevated storage

Disadvantages compared to hand pumps

  • – Much more expensive
  • – Needs daily investment gasoline or diesel
  • – More complicated use, maintenance
  • – Engine pumps are suction pumps so can only lift water from maximum 7 meters deep in Tube wells. ( in open hand dug wells pumps can be lowered , see lower Photo)


  • Electric or engine pumps can pump from rivers, lakes or wells of 0 to 7 meters deep
  • In hand dug open wells, pumps can be lowered so depths where suction pumps can be uses can be 10 meters or more
  • Pump capacity; 2 – 10 cubic meters / hour
  • Cost : 150 – 350 US$
  • Sales: Sold in farm stores in all Countries
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