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Groundwater Summit, Paris (6 – 8 December 2022)

On behalf of the SMART Centre Group, Henk Holtslag and Reinier Veldman attended the Groundwater Summit at UNESCO, Paris, which was held from 6 – 8 December 2022.

As part of the first day of the event, we presented on: ‘Self-supply: unlocking the potential of household investment’, in a side-event session jointly organised with Ask for Water GmbH, University of Technology Sydney, RWSN/SKAT and BaseFlow.

The presentations and recording are available on the resource page.

The event and our contribution was mentioned in an article on the Dutch Water Sector website.

Highlights of the summit can be watched below.

Reinier VeldmanGroundwater Summit, Paris (6 – 8 December 2022)